Employer Evaluation

Dear Engineering Co-op Supervisor,

Thank you for mentoring and employing a Marquette University engineering student. You have given a student the ability to develop professionally, discern their career options, and further their knowledge of this field.

Please take a few minutes to evaluate the student's performance and to give us your insight on how employees can succeed in your company.

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Co-op Employer Evaluation

General Information

Evaluation of Student's Skills
Rate your student on the following scale: Outstanding, Very Good, Acceptable, Poor, Unacceptable, Not Applicable


ABET Questions

ABET is our engineering accrediting body.  These questions provide us with feedback for one of their criterion that assesses these 11 student outcomes.

Please answer these questions on a scale from Strongly Agree, Agree, No Opinion, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Cannot Evaluate

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