Faculty Research Specializations
Dr. Henry Medeiros Robotic vision and vision for and autonomous vehicles
Dr. Joseph Schimmels Intelligent design of multi-dimensional mechanical behavior (kinematics and admittance/impedance) for application in physically interacting systems. Current applications include: robotics (e.g., force-guided assembly, grasping), prosthetics (bionic joints), manufacturing (e.g., fixturing, material removal), and vibration isolation (e.g., vehicle/seat suspension design)
Dr. Philip Voglewede Theoretical kinematics applied to robotics and prostheses and general area of dynamics and controls

Faculty Feature:

Robotic Dexterity

Dr. Joseph Schimmels does research in robotics and prosthetics. His research focuses on the design of multidimensional mechanical behavior to achieve desired dynamic behavior during physical interaction. His work, in the short-term, is expected to lead to more reliable robotic assembly in manufacturing and, in the long-term, may lead to the level of dexterity needed to have robots function as human assistants. Read the full article.

Researcher: Dr. Joseph Schimmels