Sensors and Systems


Faculty Research Specializations
Dr. Cristinel Ababei  Design methods for network-on-chip based systems-on-chip and embedded systems, Design automation for VLSI and FPGA circuits, Analysis and optimization of power systems, Reconfigurable and parallel computing
Dr. Nabeel A.O. Demerdash  Computational electromagnetic/finite elements, power electronics, and power systems
Dr. Stephen M. Heinrich  Micro/nanobeam-based chemical/biological sensors, resonant methods for ultrasensitive mass detection and inertial imaging, mechanics of MEMS/NEMS devices, microscale vibration energy harvesting, analytical modeling
Dr. Fabien J. Josse Solid state and acoustic wave sensors (chemical sensors, biochemical sensors, biosensors), Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices and sensors, optical waveguide-based sensors, and smart sensor systems
Dr. Chung Hoon Lee Ultrasonic/Bio MEMS, bio/chemical sensors, and micro/nano scale device fabrication, characterization, and analysis
Dr. Susan C. Schneider  Evaluation of the electrical properties of electronic materials for use as sensors, and analog signal processing, algorithms and implementation
Dr. Edwin E. Yaz, P.E.  Modeling, analysis, estimation, and control of stochastic, nonlinear/chaotic, and uncertain systems, nonlinear and statistical signal processing, applications of control and signal processing to smart micro- and nano-sensor systems and fault diagnostics, prognostics and self-healing in energy generation, transmission and utilization systems, and networked control systems


Faculty Feature:


Water Contamination Sensor

Dr. Fabien Josse has been working on the faster detection of fuel and oil contamination, as well as leaking underground tanks or pesticides, in water using electric sensors. A sensor system would allow for confirmation of contamination at the source. Read the full article in Engineering Magazine or in Discover Research.

Researcher: Dr. Fabien Josse


Flow Rate Meter

Dr. Shrinivas Joshi is developing a meter that more accurately measures the flow of fluids using ultrasonic waves. Read the full article.

Researcher: Dr. Shrinivas Joshi


Electromagnetic Analysis and Optimization Algorithms

Dr. Nabeel Demerdash and three graduate students are developing the next generation of computational design tools that combine finite element electromagnetic analysis and novel optimization algorithms to enhance the design of electrical machines for higher efficiencies and minimum cost. The tools developed in this project will assist motor and generator designers in the tedious and iterative design process. Read the full article.

Researcher: Dr. Nabeel Demerdash