Marquette researchers turn their attention to one of the planet's most threatened resources, clean water.


Research Specializations

Dr. Ron Coutu, Jr., P.E.

Microelectromechanical systems, (MEMS), smart sensors, device fabrication, micro-electrical contacts, phse change materials

Dr. Brooke Mayer, P.E. 

Nutrient removal and recovery in water and wastewater streams, detection and quantification of infectious waterborne viruses, and removal/disinfection of emerging microbial pathogens

Mayer Lab Group

Dr. Patrick McNamara

Micropollutant impacts on microbial communities, fate and removal of micropollutants, antibiotic resistance, residuals and biosolids, and pyrolysis

McNamara Research Group

Dr. Daniel Zitomer, P.E., BCEE, FWEF 

Microbial community structure and bioprocess performance, biological wastewater treatment

Dr. Zitomer's Lab Group

Faculty Feature:


Micropollutants Impact on Environment

Dr. Patrick McNamara is experimenting with "cooking" sewage sludge to make it safe to use as fertilizer. Today, he and his team of students are investigating how micropollutants – including everyday household chemicals such as triclosan (TCS), an antibacterial agent found in many hand soaps – have affected the environment. Read the full article.

Research: Dr. Patrick McNamara



Dr. Brooke Mayer is studying how to use electricity to help clean up wastewater. Small particles of pollutants – viruses, perhaps, or organic matter – can be made to coagulate by adding metallic salts. As they stick together, they’re more easily removed. Her lab is also seeing if phosphorus – long recognized as a water pollutant – can be not just extracted from polluted water but reclaimed as well. Read the full article

Researcher: Dr. Brooke Mayer, P.E.