College Research Themes


Faculty excel at modeling under uncertain conditions – from examining alternative fuels with the potential to reduce global warming to forecasting natural gas demand.

Health and Human Performance

Researchers in this area play a key role in developing effective, affordable and accessible health care solutions for all members of society.

Imaging and Visualization


Faculty engage in research using various medical imaging methods to promote health and cure disease.



Researchers identify the best methods and materials to protect the building-blocks of civilization: buildings, bridges, dams, highways, and transportation systems.


Faculty are conducting both basic and applied research in the technical areas of joining and assembly to improve the global competitiveness of American manufacturing enterprises.


Researchers in this area span a broad spectrum from kinematics and dynamics for optimization of design, structure, and control of robots to building socially intelligent humanoid robots.

Sensors and Systems

This group is dedicated to the design, fabrication, characterization and evaluation of sensors, sensor controls and nanoscale devices. 


Marquette researchers turn their attention to one for the planet's most threatened resources, clean water.