Co-Op Work Term 3

GEEN 4991


This evaluation is required at the completion of your third co-op work term. The evaluation is for the GEEN 4991 course (co-op work term 3).

This evaluation is read and processed by the Industry Relations Office. If satisfactory, academic credit will be awarded in the GEEN 4992 course (co-op grading period 3).

A compilation of student evaluation responses (with identification information removed) might be shared within the Opus College of Engineering faculty and staff.

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Co-op Student Work Term #3 or Work Term #4 Evaluation

General Student Information

General Co-op Work Term Information

International Travel

Rate on the following scale: Outstanding, Very Good, Acceptable, Poor, Unacceptable, Not Applicable

Work Summary


ABET Questions
ABET is our engineering accrediting body.  These questions provide us with feedback for one of their criterion that assesses these 11 student outcomes.

Choose one option for each of the following: Strongly Agree, Agree, No Opinion, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Cannot Evaluate

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