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College of Engineering laptop computer program

The College of Engineering curriculum reflects engineering education in the 21st century. This means using the latest computer technologies in teaching and learning so students are prepared for a future increasingly defined by digital technology and team-based workspaces. As a result, all engineering students are required to have a laptop computer.

Laptop computer system requirements

Marquette College of Engineering students will use advanced engineering software that requires specialized graphics cards not found in typical consumer laptops.  You may order a pre-configured laptop from Paragon Development Systems (PDS).  The Web address is www.pdspc.com/marquette.  PDS offers 4-year next-business day on-site service and pre-installed Marquette engineering software.


More Information

Detailed Laptop Requirements:

PDS Laptop Purchases:
Web: www.pdspc.com/marquette/
Email: TeamGovEdu@pdspc.com
Phone: 800-966-6090

College of Engineering Technology Services:
Web: www.coetech.marquette.edu
Email: coetech@marquette.edu
Phone: (414) 288-5140
In-Person: Haggerty Hall, Room 498


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