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Repeating courses policy

Students may repeat any course they have taken to improve a grade or to gain a better working knowledge of the topic. Some departments may require that a specific grade be achieved prior to enrolling in subsequent course work.

Substitute repeat

Students who began their studies after May 1991 are subject to the punitive F system of GPA computation. Under the substitute repeat policy, these students are given the option of repeating courses before graduation. The new repeated course grade will be used in the computation of the GPA. The student will receive degree credit only once. There are limits to the number of times that the substitute repeat policy can be invoked. Information on these limitation.

Before you register for a repeat course

Before registering to repeat a course in which you have already earned credit, you must file the Marquette University request to repeat an undergraduate course form with the College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Affairs. This form is also available in the college office, Olin, Room 201, and must be submitted to the college office prior to the close of late registration as published in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin, under repeated courses, for a full statement of the substitute repeat policy.


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