How do I get started?

  1. Determine a potential research area of interest
  2. Identify a faculty member in the Opus College of Engineering who has related research interests
  3. Meet with the faculty member and come to agreement on project
  4. Work with the faculty member to prepare and submit your grant application following the guidelines below.

Undergraduate Research Program Proposal Guidelines

Proposals must address each of the categories listed below. Be sure to clearly label each category within your proposal. The entire proposal should not exceed two pages.

The entire application should not exceed two single-spaced pages with one-inch margins and times roman font sizes 10 or larger (or equivalent).  Proposals should address the following category items.

Proposal Categories:

  1. Participants and project title:
    Construct a clear and consist title and list the faculty participants and the student, if the student has been identified. It is not necessary to identify the student participant at the time of submittal.
  2. Short overview of the project including proposed activities:
    - Describe how this might lead to proposal development.
    - Describe how this will lead to publications.
    - Describe how this will lead to encouraging students to pursue graduate education and a research career.
  3. Specific research objectives and proposed outcomes
  4. Budget. Proposal cannot exceed $5k. The majority of the funding must go towards student support.  Using this budget spreadsheet, please itemize the hourly wage of the student and the number of hours allocated for this project as well as any required supplies or equipment.  Turn in the completed spreadsheet with your two-page narrative.
  5. List location of proposed research project, lab room numbers, etc.
  6. List use of college resources (DLC, ITS support, etc.) that will be used, if any.
  7. Time frame for project (start and end dates)
  8. Describe outcomes from previous award, if any.
  9. Fleck Fellow Award.  Please indicate yes or no, if the student would like to be considered for the Fleck Fellowship award.  The student must be identified by the time the proposal is submitted and meet the requirements of the Fleck Fellow Program. Requirements include that the student is from the Greater Milwaukee Area and has financial need.


  1. Participants must be an undergraduate in good standing during the proposed work period.
  2. Proposals must include a faculty mentor/co-collaborator.
  3. Proposed funded activities can run anytime but must conclude by the project's funding deadline.


Recipients from funded proposals are expected to generate a short summary of research actives and an assessment of the impact this had on their research output at the end of the grant period.


Proposals should be submitted electronically to John Borg, Chair of the Undergraduate Research Committee at no later than 5PM central time on January 11, 2016.  Proposal reviews will begin immediately thereafter.