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Rhetoric and composition has always felt like the right field for me because I enjoy working across complex theoretical questions about how individuals communicate in the world and pragmatic questions of how to teach these communication practices. While earning my PhD at the University of Washington, I taught writing to students from an array of majors and became invested in understanding what their writing experiences looked like across the university. My interest in writing in scientific disciplines grew, especially in health and medicine, where students learn to translate the technical world of scientific research to public audiences and where communication is verbal, visual, and embodied.

My current research interests include rhetorics of health and medicine, feminist rhetoric, professional and technical communication, and writing in the disciplines. My dissertation project, which I continue to develop, examined how clinical nursing simulations initiated students into the writing, talk, and action of the nursing field. Other projects in progress investigate how freshman use conversation to make connections about writing in their disciplinary courses and how graduate science students develop embodied strategies for public communication.

As a writing teacher, I aim for my courses to act as venues for students to practice being critical readers and writers in their future disciplines, professions, and lives. Many of my courses include fieldwork—much like my own research—to help students not just acquire different modes of writing, but also better understand how communication practices can exclude and oppress others and how they might be changed.

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