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How to handle  an Academic Dishonesty Case

According to university policy, if a faculty member finds solid evidence of academic dishonesty that is going to influence a student’s grade in any way, then the faculty member should take the following steps.

(1) Make 2 copies (one for faculty, one for chair) of the student paper in question, marking passages that are identical/similar to #2.

(2) Make 2 copies of the source in question, whether book, article, online source, another student paper, etc.

(3) Consult Marquette University’s Academic Honesty Policy

a. Undergraduate Bulletin, pp. 40-44: http://www.marquette.edu/cur_students/bulletin.shtml
b. registrar’s web page: http://www.marquette.edu/registrar/policies/honesty.shtml

(4) Discuss the situation with the department chair (or director of FYE if a FYE course is involved), submitting to him/her copies of 1 and 2.

(5) Notify student of need to meet with the faculty member and the department chair (or director of FYE) about a problem with the student’s paper.

(6) Attend meeting with student and department chair (or director of FYE), the purpose being to

a. Define the situation
b. Define the consequences
c. Use the meeting as a teaching moment

(7) Write a letter addressed to the student, but copied to the chair (and to director of FYE if a FYE course is involved) and also copied to the Associate Dean of the College offering the course (Dr. Susanne Foster, Associate Dean of A&S, Sensenbrenner Hall 103), including the following information

a. Report the day/time/purpose of meeting as well as who attended.
b. Give a brief narrative of the situation.
c. Outline consequences in terms of the student’s grade (the most common consequence being a zero for the paper).
d. Offer the student any “teaching moment” advice.

[Note: One letter in a student’s college file simply sits there. A second letter is the occasion for convening a college hearing that may result in a variety of actions, up to and including suspension.]


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