Academic Year 2012–13, including both courses in Summer '13 & only Engl 1002 in Fall '13

To be updated soon for English 1001 Fall '13 and English 1002 Spring '14

New English 1001 students will use the books listed below for two semesters: English 1001 in Fall 2012 and English 1002 in Spring 2013. That comes to a little over $100/semester, probably much less than the books for your other courses. Furthermore, these will be useful references throughout your college career.

  1. Ramage/Bean/Johnson. The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing. Brief 6th Edition. Boston: Pearson, 2012. This book is listed as a "custom package" on the Follett Web site because it includes two free books (Public Literacy and Workplace Literacy) that will be used in RhetComp. 2. Workplace Literacy has been revised in a custom edition for Marquette with model business documents. Neither of these books is available elsewhere, and you WILL need them for English 1002.
  2. Muller. The New World Reader. 4th ed. Boston: Wadsworth, 2011.



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