Rhetoric & Composition 1 and 2

Unit Five: Reflection & Essay Exams (Week 15)

Classwork: In-class work on preparing for the final course portfolio.

Writing Task: Instead of an in-class final exam, students will prepare a final course portfolio in which they include


  • English 1001: A brief essay reflecting on what you have learned in the course
  • English 1002: A brief essay explaining and reflecting upon the intersection of ethics and rhetoric
  • A revision of essay 1, 2, or 3 + gradesheet + peer review sheets

  • Copies of all 4 graded essays + gradesheets


  • A signed permission form, granting the FYE program permission to publish their essays for TA training and/or for classroom teaching purposes
  • An SASE envelope (if student wants instructor to mail the papers)

Due Date, Time, & Place:
Tuesday of Finals Week, 3:30-5:30. Location stipulated by instructor.

Unit Grade:
The instructor decides how this revision will count and announces it on the syllabus. Some options include

  • New grade replaces the original one.
  • Original and revision grades may be averaged.
  • Revision may count as separate points/percentage.

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