Paula Gillespie


Associate Professor
Director, Ott Memorial Writing Center

I never imagined I'd be a writing center director, and I never imagined that I'd love it as much as I do. My dissertation, which I wrote several years after starting to work full-time at Marquette, is on James Joyce's Ulysses. But as the writing center grew, it needed a full-time director and as it added peer tutors, I began to see my life taking a new direction.

I co-authored The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring with Neal Lerner because I needed this book in the course that trains tutors. It's now in a second edition and has pictures of Marquette tutors on its cover. I've been engaged in a research project into the long- and short-term effects of tutoring and tutor training on the tutors themselves, and the responses to a questionnaire sent out in pilot form have been affirming of what I think a Marquette education should give to students.

As president of The International Writing Centers Association, 2001-2003, I fostered and then co-chaired (twice) a now-annual Writing Center Summer Institute for directors and other professionals, a week-long experience of intense learning and mentoring with leaders from various types of institutions.

I've published articles on feminism and pedagogy, electronic learning, and peer tutoring along with the co-edited Writing Center Research: Extending the Conversation , the International Writing Centers Association selection for best book of 2002. I've published on James Joyce: a biography of James Joyce that functioned as the official biography in the Press Kit for Bloomsday 2004 in Dublin, and Recent Criticism Of James Joyce's Ulysses (co-authored with Michael Patrick Gillespie) (2000).

I've enjoyed my work with my colleagues from across the curriculum on writing initiatives. A grant from the National Science Foundation is funding a project to include more writing in the physics labs, and I've enjoyed working with law, business, history, and education professors as they work with their graduate and undergraduate students on better writing within their disciplines.

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