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The study of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century British literature has been the focus of my scholarship for the past 35 years. The first focus of my research—canonical British romantic poetry—resulted in my first book Romantic Androgyny: The Women Within (1990). My second book, Gothic Feminism: The Professionalization of Gender from Charlotte Smith to the Brontës (1998), looks at the gothic novels of a variety of women writers. My third book, Gothic Riffs: Secularizing the Uncanny in the European Imaginary, 1780-1820 (2010), shared the Allan Lloyd Smith award from the International Gothic Association. It examines gothic chapbooks, ballads, operas, and melodramas as a means by which the European imaginary negotiated the anxieties implicit in what Charles Taylor has called “ambivalent secularization.” My fourth book, “The Gothic Ideology: Religious Hysteria and Anti-Catholicism in Popular British Fiction, 1780-1880” was published by the University of Wales Press in 2014. It examines the representations of the nun, the monk, the Inquisition, and the ruined abbey in gothic chapbooks and popular novels, all of which were employed to promulgate an ideology of anti-Catholicism as the Catholic Emancipation Bill and the reinstatement of the Catholic hierarchy in 1850 were being debated.

The chapbooks that I have digitized for my new research are now available at an online site called "The Gothic Archive": http://epublications.marquette.edu/english_gothic/

The other area of my research focuses on women writers, and includes publications on Charlotte Brontë, Emily Brontë, Mary Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, feminism, women of color, and women and creativity. Writing and research are, luckily for me, both my vocation and my avocation. In addition to the four books listed above, I’ve also published a dozen coauthored or coedited books, about 65 articles, 30 reviews, and presented 30 conference papers.

My involvement in the field internationally includes my stint as President of the International Conference on Romanticism (2000-2003), and my work with the North American Society for the Study of Romanticism. In addition, I am the Co-editor of the European Romantic Review, and a board member of Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net and Studies in the Novel.

I teach a wide variety of courses, but my specialties are "The Female Gothic," "Literature and Psychology," "Romanticism: Gender, Class, Race," "Gothic Fiction and Drama," “Catholic/Anti-Catholic Literature and Culture,” and “Romanticism and Religion.”

When I am not teaching, reading, or writing about literature, I am traveling, mostly in Europe. True to my gothic interests, I love to explore ruins, old cathedrals, museums, and art galleries.

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