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In my research, I analyze twentieth-century literature and culture through a materialist feminist lens. Based on my revised dissertation, my book-in-progress explores how the changing industry of wage domestic service fundamentally shaped modern American femininity and domesticity in the early decades of the twentieth century. In grounding women authors’ depictions of servants in the social history of domestic service, I present a literary historiography that sheds light on the dialectical relationship between modern ideologies of gender and race and the material relations of reproductive labor.

My second book project moves into the contemporary period. In it, I will explore how “progressive” gender and domestic ideologies in the global culture manage crises of social reproduction under neoliberal capitalism.

As a teacher, I value classroom community, as well as interdisciplinary explorations of topics that lend themselves to critical insights about culture and citizenship. I have had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of courses in literature, writing, and women’s studies. The thematic content of my teaching has varied quite a bit, including courses on the woman worker, American masculinity, The Female Gothic, visual culture, ethnographic writing, and feminist cultural studies.

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