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I’ve taught in colleges and universities for over thirty years, and while most of my teaching experience has been in creative writing (especially fiction), I’ve also taught a wide range of literature courses, including Modern and Contemporary Fiction and Poetry, Midwestern Literature, and seminars in Robert Frost, William Carlos Williams, John Updike, Joyce Carol Oates, and other major authors. What I always hope for when I teach, whether the class is a graduate seminar or first year English, is that the classroom will be a place where a free and open conversation—in speech and writing--can take place. I believe that by posing thoughtful questions and considering a variety of answers both the students and the teacher are likely to make meaningful discoveries.

Stories and poems of mine have been published in New England Review, North American Review, Gettysburg Review, Mississippi Review and other literary magazines. My essays and reviews have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Washington Post and in such anthologies as The Most Wonderful Books, These United States, Off the Beaten Path, and Baseball and the Game of Life. I’ve published novels as well as a short story collection and a chapbook of poems.


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