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Class visits

Would you like a writing consultant to visit your classes and tell your students about our services? It takes about ten minutes of class time. We'll hand out bookmarks with our hours and phone number, and we'll tell students how to make appointments.

We stress that the writing center is for all writers, not just struggling writers. We encourage writers to come to the center early for the best help, because we feel that revision and feedback are vital to good college writing.

To schedule a class visit, e-mail or phone Rebecca Nowacek at 288-3590.

If you e-mail, please include
- your class title
- the dates you prefer (we'll try our best to accommodate you)
- the time the class meets
- the number of students
- a phone number where you can be reached
We will call or email you to confirm the day and time of the visit and to discuss any special topics you'd like us to talk about during our visit. For example, many instructors want us to stress the "peer review" aspect of the writing center or that students can use their appointments with us as a way to combat procrastination.


Would you like a supply of bookmarks for your students?  E-mail or phone Rebecca Nowacek at 288-3590. Please let us know how many you'd like.

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