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EOP Central (Main) Office

Coughlin Hall 3rd Floor

   Donte L. McFadden, Ph.D.

   Interim Director

    Senior Associate Director,   

    Undergraduate Research and High  

    Impact Practices

    (McNair Director)

    Coughlin 348

    (414) 288-3011


  TRiO Alumnus- Upward Bound       

                        (Marquette University)



   Felisa Parris

   Associate Director-    


   Evaluation (ACE)

  Coughlin 343

  (414) 288-5345

     Judith Koerner

   Administrative Assistant

   (414) 288-7584

    Jacqueline Walker

   Financial Aid Counselor

   Coughlin 306D

   (414) 288-7593 


    Kathy Falk

   Financial Aid Assistant

   Coughlin 306F

   (414) 288-7593


    Yolanda Lucas

    Business Associate

   Coughlin 362

   (414) 288-3456



   Jane Hanley

    Accounting Clerk

    Coughlin 360

   (414) 288-3457

EOP College Division

Student Support Services

    Eddie Guzman

   Associate Director

   Coughlin 317B

   (414) 288-1770



    Laiya Thomas

   Assistant Director

   Coughlin 307

   (414) 288-5343


    Florie Greenhill


   Coughlin 314

   (414) 288-6304


    Yvonne M. Reyes


  Coughlin 317A

  (414) 288-5335



  Ericka Reed

  Administrative Assistant

  Coughlin 317

  (414) 288-7527

  Daniel Lattimore

    Graduate Assistant

  Coughlin 306A

   Bianca Bello

      Graduate Assistant

    Coughlin 306A

EOP Pre-College Programs Upward Bound (UB) and Upward Bound Math Science

   T Ullrich

   Associate Director

   Coughlin 225R

  (414) 288-2145    

   Kiarra Reid

    Assistant Director - UB

   Coughlin 225B

   (414) 288-5231

     Andrew Babb-Fowler

     Counselor - UB

    Coughlin 225C

   (414) 288-5337

    Keonia Stovall

    Counselor - UB

   Coughlin 225D

   (414) 288-5391

   TRiO alum, SSS graduate

EOP Pre-College Programs

Educational Talent Search

   Steve Robertson

   Project Director

  (414) 288-5950

EOP Academic Enrichment

    Dr. Richard Lewis

     Writing Specialist

    Coughlin 306B

  (414) 288-5392


  Meghan Sebranek

   Mathematics Specialist

   Coughlin 306C

  (414) 288-3639

  Joseph Hughes

   Mathematics Specialist

    Coughlin 312

  (414) 288-5040




Educational Opportunity Program

EOP is an academic program that motivates and enables low-income and first generation students, whose parents do not have a baccalaureate degree, to enter and succeed in higher education. See all the programs that Educational Opportunity Programs include.