AP, IB, CLEP and College Credit Transfer

Marquette thinks students who have demonstrated competency in a subject area should have their accomplishments recognized by the university. At the same time, we cherish the integrity of our academic programs, requirements and regulations.

To see how your advanced standing and college credits will transfer to Marquette, please review our placement guides below. As always, contact us at (414) 288-7302 with any questions.

AP credit transfer

Marquette awards credit in recognition for performance on the AP examinations. A student may choose to take the credits awarded or take the equivalent course at Marquette. Pre-med students are encouraged to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before accepting AP credit awards.

Transferring college course work

Students who have earned credit for college course work are encouraged to submit official transcripts to Marquette for review. Typically, courses will transfer provided Marquette offers a comparable course and the student has earned a grade of "C" or better.

CLEP credit transfer

The university recognizes knowledge a student has achieved through independent study or learned endeavors. The CLEP credit and placement chart dictates the official policy of the university about CLEP scores.

Cambridge A-Level Course Credit Evaluation

Marquette University will review A-Level course work for credit based on course content. In order to be reviewed, applicants must submit a copy of the syllabus for each course for which they are seeking credit.

International Baccalaureate course work

Marquette recognizes the rigorous academic preparation that students who pursue IB courses as part of their high school curriculum get. The IB credit and placement chart provides guidance to students who have taken IB examinations.