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Information Technology major

Information delivered quickly and accurately is the key to any successful enterprise. The IT specialist provides the infrastructure for firms to compete strategically by planning, designing, installing and managing the systems used by a firm's functional areas — finance, marketing, human resources management and supply chain management.

No headaches.

With excellent job placement — some get offers months before graduation — our information technology majors are poised to make an impact when they graduate.

Cross train your brain.

With our deeply integrated business core, information technology majors learn all the fundamental aspects of business functions: accounting, economics, marketing, finance and management. When your understanding of business operations goes beyond the realm of IT to the rest of an enterprise's functions, you broaden your opportunities for advancement.


As an information technology major, you'll have the opportunity to practice your skills with companies such as GE Healthcare, Harley-Davidson, Johnson Controls Inc., MillerCoors, Accenture, Direct Supply, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, PWC, West Bend Mutual and Fiserv.

Explain yourself.

Our liberal arts-based core curriculum will make you a strong communicator, so you'll be an articulate problem-solver who's equally adept with people and information technology. As an information technology major, those communication skills will come in handy as you listen to users' needs and design effective systems to meet those needs.

Going global.

Our Project Management class works virtually with student development teams in other countries. A winterim course takes information technology majors to visit offshore IT firms.

Suggested curriculum

Major courses are bolded.


  • Foundations for Business Leadership
  • Rhetoric and Composition I & II
  • Histories of Cultures and Societies Elective
  • Science and Nature Elective
  • Introduction to Theology
  • Philosophy of Human Nature
  • Finite Mathematics
  • Elements of Calculus
  • Public Speaking
  • Two Non-business Electives


  • Developing Critical Skills for Business
  • Leadership
  • Business Statistics
  • Principles of Financial Accounting
  • Principles of Managerial Accounting
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Literature Elective
  • Diverse Cultures Elective
  • Theory of Ethics
  • Theology Elective
  • Non-business Elective


  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Business Applications Development
  • Data Base Management Systems
  • Applying Business Leadership Skills
  • Introduction to Financial Management
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Applied Business Economics
  • Behavior and Organization
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Elective
  • Non-business Elective


  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Information Technology Elective(s)
  • Strategies for Entering the Business World
  • Business Policies
  • Ethical and Societal Issues Elective
  • Legal and Regulatory Environment Elective
  • Three Business Electives
  • Two Non-business Electives


You might like the Information Technology major if you

✓ Have keen logic and communication skills

✓ Are an analytical thinker

✓ Enjoy working with the latest technology

What can you do with a major in Information Technology?

Information TechnologyMarquette's information technology majors go on to work as systems analysts, programmers and web developers for accounting firms, airlines, banks, consulting firms, health care providers, insurance companies — and in their own firms.

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