Center for Teaching and Learning

Spring 2018 Events


For a full description of all events including times and locations, please visit the Center for Teaching and Learnng Website.


Topic-Based Learning Communities

Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning, by James Lang (Start February)


Courses for Faculty

ONLINE Mini Course: Facilitating an Online Course (Jan. 29-Mar.4)


eTeaching Workshops

Acquiring Images and Video for Online Classes (Feb. 16, 1:30pm)

Preparing Images and Video for Online Classes (Mar. 2, 1:30pm)


D2L Trainings

Setting up the Gradebook (Feb. 8, 1:00pm or Feb. 23, 10:00am)

Using Discussions (Feb. 13, 1:00pm or Mar. 2, 11:00am)

Setting up Quizzes (Feb. 15, 2:00pm or Mar. 28, 11:00am)

Using the Rubric/Dropbox (Apr. 4, 9:00am or Apr. 17, 1:00pm)


Electronic Accessibility Workshops

Making your Course Materials Accessible to Students with Disabilities
(Jan. 26, 1:00pm or Feb. 6, 11:00am or Mar. 6, 9:30am or Apr. 10, 10:30am)

Creating Accessible Images, Video and Website links
(Jan. 31, 2:00pm or Feb. 21, 2:00pm or Mar. 20, 10:30am)

MS Office Products Accessibility Overview
(Feb. 9, 1:30pm or Apr. 11, 12:00pm or Apr. 16, 12:00pm)

Creating or Converting .pdf documents to accessible documents
(Feb. 20, 9:00am or Mar. 7, 2:30pm or Apr. 24, 11:00am)


Service Learning/Community-Based Learning

Faculty and Community Roundtable Breakfast (Apr. 4, 9:00am)