NOTE: this program is on indefinite hiatus and is not currently accepting applications for future terms.


Who is it for?

The 15-credit graduate certificate in nonprofit sector administration is designed for working professionals who want to advance their nonprofit career or prepare for a career in the nonprofit sector. Courses are held on weeknights with a blended online learning format.

Learning Outcomes



Required Courses (15 credit hours)


NPSE 6521 Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management Issues 3 credit hours
NPSE 6525 Financial Matters in the Nonprofit Sector 3 credit hours
NPSE 6530 Social Justice and Social Activism 3 credit hours
NPSE 6535 Legal Aspects of the Nonprofit Sector 3 credit hours
NPSE 6931 Special Topics* or an approved elective 3 credit hours
Reflection paper is due during the last semester of course work.

* Past special topic offerings have included board governance for nonprofits, restorative justice, fundraising and grant writing.


NPSE 6521Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Management Issues3 credit hours

Introduction to critical issues in nonprofit organizations and movements, including the dynamics of system changes, business practices, organizational structures, and assessment and accountability.

NPSE 6525Financial Matters in the Nonprofit Sector3 credit hours

Examination of various financial issues affecting the nonprofit sector, including fundraising from donors and foundations, grant proposals, budgeting, and personnel/program costs.

NPSE 6530Social Justice and Social Activism3 credit hours

Examines the meaning and implications of social justice; considers the history of social activism from religious and non-sectarian traditions.

NPSE 6535Legal Aspects of the Nonprofit Sector3 credit hours

Examines a range of legal issues that confront nonprofits, including articles and bylaws, fiduciary obligations, governance and boards of directors, charitable solicitations, and for-profit ventures.

NPSE 6931Topics in Nonprofit Sector3 credit hours

Examination of topics related to contemporary issues in the nonprofit sector.

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