Who is it for?

This nonprofit sector administration specialization is for those who want management positions in the nonprofit sector. It balances practical skills with a values-based foundation so students can become dynamic members of their organization and community.


This specialization is ideal for:


To earn a master's degree in public service, students must complete 36 hours of course work.

Core Courses

Required courses (12 credits)


PUBS 6000 History and Theory of Leadership and Ethics 3 credit hours
PUBS 6205 Urban Policy and Public Service Administration 3 credit hours
PUBS 6210 Ethics in Public Service 3 credit hours
PUBS 6025 Research Methods 3 credit hours


Constrained electives (3 credits)


PUBS 6051 Contemporary Leadership 3 credit hours
PUBS 6215 Nature of Cities 3 credit hours
PUBS 6220 Organizational Behavior in Public Service 3 credit hours
PUBS 6230 Legal Issues in Public Service 3 credit hours
PUBS 6235 Communication and the Management Process in Urban Services 3 credit hours
PUBS 6240 Urban Public Sector Economics 3 credit hours
PUBS 6995 Independent Study 1-3 credit hours
PUBS 6931 Topics in Public Service 1-3 credit hours


Specialization Courses

(15 credits)


NPSE 6521 Social Entrepreneurship: Nonprofit Organizations 3 credit hours
NPSE 6525 Financial Matters in the Nonprofit Sector 3 credit hours
NPSE 6530 Social Justice and Social Activism 3 credit hours
NPSE 6535 Legal Aspects of the Nonprofit Sector 3 credit hours
ELECTIVE Contact adviser for elective options 3 credit hours


Integrative Learning Options

(choose one)

Professional Project

There are two options for a professional project.

  1. Work independently with a faculty adviser and possibly an organization to produce a research-based service or product.
  2. Submit for publication to a peer-reviewed journal the findings from a research study that has been supervised by a faculty member.

Comprehensive Exams


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