Department Contacts

Department Contact/Email Phone
Bioinformatics Dr. Anne Clough 414-288-5238
Biological Sciences Ms. Kirsten Boeh 414-288-6985
Biomedical Engineering Mrs. Mary Wesley 414-288-3375
Functional Imaging Mrs. Mary Wesley 414-288-3375
Chemistry Ms. Lori Callaghan 414-288-7065
Civil Engineering Dr. Stephen Heinrich 414-288-5466
Clinical Mental Health Counseling Mrs. Coreen Bukowski 414-288-5790
Clinical Psychology Ms. Alyson Gerdes 414-288-6145
Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Science Dr. Paula Papanek 414-288-5069
Communication Dr. Sarah Feldner 414-288-3491
Computational Sciences Dr. Gary Krenz 414-288-6345
Computing Dr. Thomas Kaczmarek 414-288-6734

Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology

Mrs. Coreen Bukowski 414-288-5790

Dentistry - Advanced Education

in General Dentistry

Ms. Jackie Webster 414-288-3323
Dentistry - Dental Biomaterials Dr. David Berzins 414-288-5690
Dentistry - Prosthodontics Mrs. Joanne Breske 414-288-6508
Dentistry - Endodontics   414-288-7047
Dentistry - Orthodontics Ms. Kathleen Richards 414-288-7473
Educational Policy and Leadership Ms. Melissa Econom 414-288-4613
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dr. Fabien Josse 414-288-6789
English Dr. John Curran 414-288-3462
Foreign Languages and Literatures Dr. Dinorah Cortes-Velez 414-288-3531
Healthcare Technologies Management Dr. Jay Goldberg 414-288-3375
History Dr. Lezlie Knox 414-288-7863
International Affairs Dr. Lowell Barrington 414-288-5234
Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Dr. Gary Krenz 414-288-6345
Mechanical Engineering Mrs. Annette Wolak 414-288-7259

Nursing - Master's and

Post-master's Certificate

Ms. Karen Nest 414-288-3810
Nursing - Ph.D. Ms. Tionne Reed 414-288-3869
Philosophy Mrs. Beth O'Sullivan 414-288-6858
Political Science Dr. Lowell Barrington 414-288-5234
Psychology, Clinical Ms. Trish Johnson 414-288-7218
Public Service Dr. Lowell Barrington 414-288-5234
Speech-Language Pathology Ms. Jessica Payson 414-288-3428
Theology, Religious Studies Fr. Joseph Mueller 414-288-6884
Transfusion Medicine Ms. Sue Johnson 414-937-6274