What is the process for appeals in the Graduate School?

In the Graduate School, the final responsibility to resolve student appeals rests with the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School (or, when delegated, the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Programs) advised by the Board of Graduate Studies. Possible matters of appeal include, but are not limited to:

Before an appeal is made to the Graduate School, every effort must have been made to resolve the matter informally, and appeal procedures at the program level must have been exhausted. 

Appeals to the Graduate School must be made in writing to the vice provost for research and dean of the Graduate School within 10 days of notification of the action being appealed. The appeal must be specific and substantiated. The vice provost for research and dean of the Graduate School will decide whether to hear the appeal alone ot to appoint a committee to hear the appeal. During an appeal, the student must maintain graduate status either through coursework or Continuation Coursework.

Grade Appeals

The Graduate School is not involved in grade appeals. Assignment of grades is within the purview of the academic department. Any grade appeals shall be made to the academic college, whose decision is final.

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