Midwest catholic schools consortium

Information for Marquette University students

Marquette University is a member of the Consortium of Midwest Catholic Graduate Schools, and participates in the Consortium's Inter-University Visitation Program. The Consortium includes Marquette University, University of Notre Dame, Loyola University, and Saint Louis University. This program provides the opportunity for a degree-seeking graduate student in good standing at one of the participating universities to take course work at any of the other universities and apply earned credits toward degree requirements at the student's home university. The student is responsible for making financial arrangements at the home university but attends classes on a short-term basis at the host university.

Qualifications and Restrictions

In order to participate, the student is required to:

1. be a degree-seeking student,

2. have completed at least one full-time semester at Marquette University and be in good academic standing; and

3. complete the appropriate Inter-University Exchange Course Approval and Manual Registration Form to "visit" one of the other three universities. (No application fee shall be charged.)

A student may apply a maximum of six (6) exchange credits toward degree completion of a 30 credit graduate program.

Application Deadlines

Due to the paperwork involved and the number of approvals necessary, the student must begin the application process no later than July 1, November 1, or April 1 for the fall term, spring term, or summer term(s) respectively.

Administrative Policy

Ms. Sherri Lex (sherri.lex@marquette.edu or (414) 288-7182phone), Assistant Director for Student Records, will provide to the applicant the Inter-University Exchange Course Approval and Manual Registration Form. The applicant should contact Mr. Wainscott to assist in becoming registered for the appropriate class. At the end of the term, the host university will send a copy of the student's transcript to the Marquette University Graduate School for posting on the student's permanent record.

Marquette University students desiring to take a course at one of the other universities shall:

1. Click on and complete the appropriate Inter-University Exchange Course Approval and Manual Registration Form found below and sign it;

2. Obtain the graduate program director's signature, indicating approval to take the requested course at the host university;

3. Return the registration form to Carl Wainscott in the Marquette University's Graduate School.

Mr. Wainscott will forward the completed and approved Inter-University Exchange Course Approval and Manual Registration Form to the designated contact person at the host university.

Marquette University's point of contact is:
Mr. Carl P. Wainscott
Marquette University Graduate School
P.O. Box 1881
Milwaukee, WI 53201-1881
Phone (414) 288-5319phone
Fax (414) 288-1902phone