advanced education in general dentistry

Degrees Offered




Program Description

The School of Dentistry offers an Advanced Education in General Dentistry program that provides clinical experiences in all phases of general dentistry. The clinical training is complemented by a graduate didactic core curriculum that provides interdisciplinary education in the specialties of dentistry, and comprehensive diagnosis and treatment planning.

The AEGD program is an intensive 12-month clinical care program. The program requires successful passing of the clinical and didactic course work resulting in a certificate from the Marquette University Graduate School. Completion of 30 credits is required for obtaining the AEGD certificate. No thesis is offered.

To qualify for the AEGD program stipend, applicants must be graduates of U.S. dental schools. Graduates of foreign dental schools must have the appropriate Visa/citizenship status (i.e. F-1, Permanent Resident or U.S. citizen) to qualify for a stipend.

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Application Requirements

  • Read all application instructions prior to beginning an application.
  • A completed Marquette University application form and fee online.
  • Official transcripts from all current and previous colleges/universities except Marquette. International applicants must have course grades converted to numerical values of 4.000, 3.000, 2.000, and 1.000 or to corresponding letter grades of A, B, C, and D, respectively. Where such a conversion is not possible, an explanation of the grading system used in the foreign dental school and undergraduate institution should accompany the English translation of the grade transcripts.
  • Undergraduate and dental school grade-point averages, and class rank in dental school.
  • Three letters of recommendation reflecting the applicant’s clinical and academic abilities.
  • Scores from the National Board Dental Examinations, Part I and Part II. Graduates of foreign dental schools must have taken and submitted their passing scores for Part I National Boards. While Part II Board scores are not an absolute requirement for foreign trained candidates, it is strongly advised to have taken the exam and submit scores to make the application more competitive.
  • A curriculum vitae
  • A personal statement.
  • For international applicants only: a TOEFL score or other acceptable proof of English proficiency.
  • All applicants must be prepared to appear for a personal interview in Milwaukee during the months of December and January. This occasion has a twofold purpose; faculty members in the program have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the applicant, and applicants have the opportunity to become acquainted with various facets of the program to which they are applying. Phone interviews are not acceptable.
  • All foreign-trained applicants that are not already licensed to practice in the United States are required to take a pre-clinical dental proficiency exam as a requisite for acceptance. The exam is given ONLY to those applicants who are invited for an interview. ALL interviews are by"invitation only.

Application Deadline

October 1st for first round interviews for the AEGD program starting in July of the following year. Applications will be accepted beyond this deadline until all available AEGD positions are filled. For information on position availability, applicants applying after October 1 should call (414) 288-3323 or email

Financial Aid

  • Stipend of $40,000 a year
  • Vacation and Sick Leave