About the Haggerty Museum of Art


The Marquette University Haggerty Museum of Art provides transformational learning opportunities through its exhibitions and programs. The museum enriches the intellectual and creative life of the students, faculty and community at large by collecting, displaying, interpreting and contextualizing art objects from a range of historical periods and media. As a forum for critical inquiry, the museum seeks to promote visual literacy and advance knowledge across the academic disciplines.


The seeds for the Haggerty Museum of Art were planted in 1889, when Rev. Stanislaus L. Lalumiere, S.J., donated Pere Marquette and the Indians by Wilhelm Lamprecht to then-Marquette College. Seventy years later, English professor Dr. John Pick formed the Marquette University Fine Arts Committee to promote the arts and survey the works of art on campus. In the late 1970s, the Fine Arts Committee, chaired by Dr. Curtis L. Carter, and the newly formed Marquette University Women’s Council collaborated to build a permanent home for Marquette’s art collection. The Haggerty Museum of Art opened on November 11, 1984.

The Haggerty features approximately eight to nine exhibitions each year. Representing the diversity of work in the Permanent Collection, the museum has offered exhibitions celebrating the contributions of the Italian Renaissance “Petite Masters,” American self-taught artists, works addressing social change issues, modern American printmaking and photography, and contemporary art from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Wisconsin.

As a teaching museum, the Haggerty seeks to enhance the undergraduate educational experience by engaging students in various disciplines to think about the world and their subject matter through the lenses of the visual arts. The museum also works collaboratively with elementary and middle school teachers, local artists, and College of Education faculty and students to design programs that engage children and youth in educational activities. Additional educational opportunities for the campus and community include free tours, lectures, workshops and performances.

Submission Policy

The Haggerty does not accept unsolicited materials (slides, prints, CDs, DVDs, etc.) from artists or their agents. The museum does not set up appointments with artists to review their work. If unsolicited materials are sent to the museum without the artist or agent's prior knowledge of museum policy, the museum is not obligated to return materials without a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Under no circumstances may artists send or drop off original works. The museum can not take responsibility for the safety of original works.

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Museum Staff

Susan Longhenry, Director and Chief Curator

Lee Coppernoll, Associate Director

Emilia Layden, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions

Lynne Shumow, Curator of Education

Michelle Burton, Registrar

Daniel Herro, Head Designer and Preparator

Mary Dornfeld, Communication Assistant

Mary Wagner, Administrative Assistant

William Farr, Visitor Experience Coordinator