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Ankle Wrap

Physical Therapy faculty featured in the Chicago Tribune

Two professors in Physical Therapy were recently featured in the Chicago Tribune, providing expert insights for its “Life Skill” section.

David Leigh, M.S., L.A.T., A.T.C., informed readers on how to properly wrap an ankle. Leigh estimates he’s wrapped more than 100,000 ankles over the past 35 years. He explained that ankles are commonly wrapped to prevent sprain, but can be wrapped to provide support post-injury as well.

His six-step process includes a pre-wrap, overlapping the ankle joint, creating a stirrup, securing the heel, creating a figure-8 strip and rewrapping. Read the full article to learn more.

Laurie Kontney, P.T., D.P.T., M.S., explained how to read body language.

Kontney discussed many areas of the body that can give away a person’s true feelings, from the eyes: “Something as simple as eye contact is perceived differently in different cultures;” to proximity: in the U.S., “we don’t want anyone in our space;” to body position mimicking: “It’s a natural thing that occurs when you have good communication.”

Read more at the Chicago Tribune website.


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