History and the Marquette Core Curriculum

Sensenbrenner HallStudents can explore the history of the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa throughout the Marquette Core Curriculum! To find out how History can help you fulfill your core requirements, click on the links below.

History and the Foundation-level Engaging Social Systems and Values Course (for first and second year students)

History is one of several departments offering Foundation-level ESSV courses (Engaging Social Systems and Values).  We created courses especially for this requirement: 1601: Difference and Democracy and 1701: Engaging the World.  Numerous sections—each taught by a different instructor with a different point of view and expertise in different times and places—are offered each semester.  HIST 1601 and HIST 1701 can count as one of the four surveys required of history majors and minors.

Descriptions of the History ESSV courses being offered in Fall 2018.

History and the Discovery Tier (for sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

Each student take at least four courses in one Discovery Level theme; at least one of those courses must be a Humanities course, although students can choose to take two Humanities courses if they so choose.  Students can apply up to two Discovery Tier courses to their majors and minors!

Descriptions of History classes currently approved for the Discovery Tier themes.

History and the Writing Intensive Requirement (for sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

Although most History classes include quite a bit of writing, a select few have been named “writing intensive,” meaning they feature writing instruction and give students a chance to revise and improve their writing.  Descriptions of the History courses approved as writing intensive.

History and the Second Level Engaging Social Systems and Values Requirement (for sophomores, juniors, and seniors)

Students can fulfill the second ESSV requirement in a number of ways, including course taken in their majors.  Descriptions for Spring 2019 History courses approved for the second ESSV course will be added at a later date.



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