Keynote Speaker: Dr. Obioma Nnaemeka

“Gender and Human Rights in Africa: Intersection of Culture, Religion, Sexuality and Politics.”

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This conference seeks to draw on a broad range of academic fields to investigate the dynamics of public policy, human rights, and sexuality as they relate to inclusion and exclusion globally. Participants will engage an array of questions: How is public policy shaping the conceptualization of sexuality and rights and by extension phenomena of inclusion and exclusion in contemporary society? How is public discourse employed to re-inscribe differences of gender, sexuality, and rights? How do these processes and dynamics resemble each other or differ in the Western and non-Western societies?

We welcome contributors from anthropology, sociology, political philosophy, history, political science, and all cultural studies. Please e-mail a 300-word abstract, including the paper title and the name and contact details of the presenter, institutional affiliation, mailing address, e-mail address by November 25, 2013:

Dr. Chima J. Korieh
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