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Graduate students in history are responsible for completing certain forms which must be submitted to the Graduate School and the History Department as they progress through the program. All current and incoming students should be aware of the following forms and their deadlines (all of which may also be found in the Graduate Student Handbook):


Ph.D. Students


*You may find that you will adjust/amend the course of study mapped out in your planning form. If so, fill out the Amendment FormPDF Form as needed.


Third Year:

Ph.D. students will generally be entering their candidacy during their third year after successful completion of their DQE. Though each student's schedule will vary, be aware of the following requirements:

Fourth Year and Beyond:

Print the continuous enrollment permission formPDF Form and fill it out in conjunction with the Director of Graduate Studies (who will give you your course info and permission number). After you send the form to the Graduate School, you must use your permission number to register on Checkmarq. Continuous Enrollment may be on part time or full time status, so meet with the Director of Graduate Studies as soon as you know your dissertation credits are complete.

  1. Comply with the Dissertation ChecklistPDF Form used by the Graduate School.
  2. Announcement of Public Defense of your DissertationPDF Form must be submitted to the Graduate School no later than four weeks prior to the scheduled defense date!
  3. Dissertation Approval FormPDF Form (Check with your supervisor to see if you should bring a printed copy to your defense)
  4. Publishing FormPDF Form
  5. Survey of Earned DoctoratesPDF Form
  6. Application for Graduation You cannot graduate unless this application has been completed by the deadline. (The due date for this form varies each semester, so please be aware of the deadline for the semester in which you plan to graduate!)

If you have questions that have not been addressed here, please consult the Graduate School's General Forms List for Graduate Students or the History Department's Steps to a Ph.D.

Masters Students:

First Year:

Second Year:

This written examination will focus primarily on assessing narrative knowledge, but will also ask you to demonstrate an understanding of historiography consistent with the M.A. Degree. You will be tested on one major and one minor field, and examiners are assigned each year. Please be sure to schedule a meeting with your examiners in the fall to determine what will be expected of you.


What is HGSO?

The History Graduate Student Organization (HGSO) fosters this environment by bringing together scholars at both the M.A. and Ph.D. levels to ensure that all students have access to the support and information they need to be successful.

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