Designated Graduate Contacts

If you are interested in pursuing graduate level studies in the MU History Department and would like to speak with someone in the graduate community, we are happy to suggest the following representatives. Please feel free to email these individuals who will gladly answer any questions you may have about applying at MU, the student community here in the History Department, or specific questions you may have about the program.

Jeff RamseyUnited States History Contact
Jeff Ramsey
Email Jeff

Research Interests: Modern U.S. History, Gender, and Sports

Matt DouglasEuropean History Contact
Matthew Douglas
Email Matt

Research Interests: Seventeenth and eighteenth century criminal history, Early Modern masculinity, and religious conflict in France

Director of Graduate Studies
Dr. Lezlie Knox
Email Dr. Knox

Department Chair
Dr. James Marten
Email Dr. Marten

Meet the Graduate Community

European History

Doctoral Candidates

Alissa CondonAlissa Condon

Research Interests: Modern Europe and Ireland, specifically World War I and its effects on nationalism, public memory, and commemoration in post-war Ireland
Advisor: Dr. McMahon

Matt Douglas Matthew Douglas

Research Interests: Seventeenth and eighteenth century criminal history, Early Modern masculinity, and religious conflict in France
Advisor: Dr. Ruff

Olga Shchennikova Olga Shchennikova

Research Interests: Modern European History
Advisor: Dr. Ball

Michael PulidoMichael Pulido

Research Interests: German Democratic Republic, Socialism, and the 1953 East German uprising
Advisors: Dr. Ruff and Dr. Staudenmaier

McKayla SuttonMcKayla Sutton

Research Interests: Modern Ireland, Gender, and Nationalism
Advisor: Dr. McMahon
Dissertation: "Illuminating the Irish Free State: Nationalism, National Identity and the Promotion of the Shannon Hydroelectric Scheme"

Doctoral Students

Michele Weber Michele Weber

Research Interests: Modern European History

M.A. Students

Marcus BouterseMarcus Bouterse

Research Interests: Early modern Europe, and environmental history


Christine HolthusChristine Holthus

Research Interests: Early modern Europe, British history, and Tudor England


Claire MarshallClaire Marshall

Research Interests:
Early Modern Europe


Mia MichaelMia Michael

Research Interests:
Modern Ireland, Early America

Heather MohrHeather Mohr

Research Interests:
British and Irish history; gender history

Paul SampsonPaul Sampson

Research Interests: Early modern Britain and Ireland


Hannah WernerHannah Werner

Research Interests:
Modern Europe, nineteenth century British imperialism, and women

United States History

Doctoral Candidates

Brian Burns Brian Burns

Research Interests: U.S. Military, Foreign Relations, and Cultural History

Matthew Costello Matthew Costello

Research Interests: Early Republic and Antebellum America with an emphasis on sectional identities
Advisors: Dr. Foster
Dissertation: Will explore the importance of the founding of America to the emerging sectional identities in the early Republic by looking at cultural and social elements of Northern and Southern societies.

Bethany Harding Bethany Harding

Research Interests: Revolutionary America and the Early Republic with an emphasis on identity and post-colonialism
Advisor: Dr. Foster

Aaron Hyams Aaron Hyams

Research Interests: The American West and Native American History

Dissertation: Investigating cultural evolution of the emergence of a landed elite on the Flathead, Nez Perce, and Crow Reservations.

Gayle Kiszely Gayle Kiszely

Research Interests: Modern U.S history with a focus on evangelical religion and community

Jeff Ramsey Jeff Ramsey

Research Interests: Modern U.S. History with an emphasis on gender and sports
Advisor: Dr. Jablonsky
Dissertation: "Big Men on Campus: Reaction and Resistance to Title IX in the Big Ten Conference"

Karalee Surface Karalee Surface

Research Interests: Modern U.S. social history with an emphasis on gender and disability
Advisor: Dr. Jablonsky
Dissertation: Deals with injured workers and the intersection between labor, disability, and gender.

Doctoral Students

Peter Borg Peter Borg

Dissertation: "Christianity at a Crossroads: Milwaukee's White Urban Churches in the Age of Suburbanization"

Bill Fliss Bill Fliss

Research Interests:
U.S. Religious history and the Catholic Church

Maggie HoffmanMaggie Nettesheim-Hoffman

Research Interests:
American history with an interest in intellectual history, women's history, and the history of philanthropy

M.A. Students

Cory HaalaCory Haala

Research Interests:
American history; political organization; legacy of Midwest radicalism



Alyssa KlubeckAlyssa Klubeck

Research Interests:
Early American history

Christopher MallisChristopher Mallas

Research Interests:
U.S. history

Graham PalmateerGraham Palmateer

Research Interests:
United States foreign relations, post-colonial Africa, and Latin America

Sarah StrackNina Teresi

Research Interests:
Modern U.S. history

Hannah ZimmermanHannah Zimmerman

Research Interests
: Early American/Colonial history, women's history

Medieval History

M.A. Students

John CalebertJohn Callebert

Research Interests:
Middle Ages, Italian history

Katharine CurtisKatharine Curtis

Research Interests:
Moorish Spain; gender and religion

Christopher LyonChristopher Lyon

Research Interests: Medieval history

Sean Malone

Research Interests:
Medieval European History; military and diplomatic history; monarchical history

Nina TeresiSarah Strack

Research Interests:
Medieval history

Global History

M.A. Students

Andrea SeehusenAndrea Seehusen

Research interests: Postcolonial Latin America, U.S. Foreign Policy

Andrew MountinAndrew Mountin

Research interests: East Asia; globalism

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