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Current History Majors

Mike Gerard is currently serving as vice-president of Delta Phi Alpha, the German Honor Society. This summer, he will participate in a service trip to Voi, Kenya.

The Division of Student Affairs recognized Erica Heisser for her outstanding contributions to Recreation, Health and Wellness. Erica, a strong member of Marquette’s women’s volleyball team, is also Student-Athlete Advisory Council President.

Emily Huschen, who will graduate this spring, has already landed a job working for Schneider Electric in their recruiting program called the Marco Polo Program. The program sends recent graduates or employees with limited work experience to foreign countries for their first two years. She will be going to Grenoble, France and be working in the Communications Department. Following her two year assignment there, she will have the option either to return to the United States or be placed in another country.

Maria Martinez, a Gate Millennium scholar, will study Chinese language and culture in Beijing next fall.

Emily Rostkowski, is the current student body Vice President of Marquette’s Student Government. After graduation, she will begin a two year service project with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Guatemala.

Kyle Sweeney is studying Chinese language and culture in Bejing. He just completed a trip to a secluded mountainous region of Southwest China, where he and his group stayed with villagers who had rarely if even seen foreigners.

The Division of Student Affairs recognized Jonathan Shaffer for his outstanding contributions to the Celebration and Promotion of Diversity. Jon, a star on the MU track team, set a school record this year for the 800 meter dash.

Alumni: Bachelor Degree

Ryan Belville (B.A., '04) is completing his first year as a Peace Corps volunteer in East Timor. He writes of his experience: "Many people still live in traditional bamboo homes, while others live in cement block homes, which my house is made from. Unfortunately, the floor is not cemented so I have been waiting to put cement down in my room for almost a month but help has been short to come by with the Easter festivities. More importantly, I have finally built my garden with the family's help and hope to get other families involved and build more. . . .It has definitely been fun living out in the village atmosphere and adapting to a different lifestyle. Also, learning about the history of the country and seeing the political changes has been rewarding. It is amazing to see a UN-aided government that continues to gain momentum and to talk to countless aid workers from Australia and throughout the region."

Since graduation, Annie Collart (B.A. ‘04) has been teaching English through the JET program in Japan. Although she has enjoyed the experience tremendously, she worries that she may be jinxed. The principal of her school too seriously ill the week she arrived, and she vacationed in Thailand the same time the tsunami hit.

Kristen Druschke (B.A., ‘04), who many of you would recognize from her former position as student helper in the department, is very excited to be returning to Marquette in the fall to begin pursuing her Masters of Education in Educational Policy and Leadership (EDPL) concentrating in College Student Personnel. It is a fairly new program in the school of education, and she considers herself lucky to have received one of two assistantships (as an Assistant Hall Director in either McCormick or Schroeder halls) working with the Residence Hall Director and the students. She looks forward to seeing everyone in August!

Joyce Hunkel (B.A. ‘04), recently promoted to "Assistant to the Chair" in our own History Department. She has worked at Marquette for ten years. She began in the Dean’s office of the Graduate School, and moved to the History office in 2001, where she has become an invaluable member of the department.

Lauren Gizzi (B.A., ‘04) left Marquette for Washington D.C. with the desire to find some kind of work in some government office. She succeeded, landing a position as an aide to the Supreme Court Justices. While the court is in session, she procures documents and anything else the court may need.

After graduation, Katie Puls (B.A. ‘04) organized a submarine exhibit as part of her public history internship at the Maritime Museum in Manitowoc before accepting a job teaching English in Japan. She will rejoin the department in the fall as a new M.A. student in the graduate program.

Matt Riley (B.A., ‘04) is completing his first year (and a "learning experience") in law school at the University of California-Berkeley.

Alumni: Graduate Degree

John Berens (Ph.D., 1975) is an associate vice chancellor at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.

Ruth Roebke-Berens (Ph.D., 1976) has retired from her professorship at Northern Michigan University.

Delbert P.T. Carey (Ph.D., 2000) is a visiting assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Kathy Callahan (A.B.D.) is teaching in the History Department at UW-Milwaukee as she completes the final chapters of her dissertation.

Peter deRosa (Ph.D., 1983) is teaching at Bridgewater State University in Massachusetts.

Robert Donnelly (Ph.D., 2004) is teaching American History at Gonzaga University

Mary Duarte (Ph.D., 1997) is teaching history at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee.

John Eastberg (M.A., 2000) is the staff historian and Director of Development for the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee.

Kenneth Fenster (Ph.D., 1993) is associate professor of history at Georgia Perimeter College.

Paul Ferguson (A.B.D.) is teaching history at Black Hawk Community College.

Kathryn Galchutt (Ph.D., 2002) is teaching history at Concordia College in Scarsdale, NY.

Daniel Heimmermann (Ph.D., 1994) is associate professor and chairman of the department at the University of North Alabama.

Michael Jacobs (Ph.D., 2001) is teaching in the history department at UW-Baraboo.

Karen Kehoe (Ph.D., 2003) taught at Mt. Union College in Ohio during 2004-5.

Will Lewis (M.A., 2002) is continuing his graduate studies in the doctoral program at St. Louis University.

Thomas Noonan (M.A., 2003) currently teaches at Marquette University High School, and is a doctoral student in Marquette’s School of Education.

Ken O’Reilly (Ph.D., 1981) retired from his professorship at the University of Alaska-Anchorage, moved back to Milwaukee, and is writing a book on the Cold War and American domestic affairs.

Monique Septon (Ph.D., 1996) is a public information officer for the European Union in Brussels.

Aaron Palmer (M.A., 2000) is pursing his doctoral at Georgetown University.

David Pigott (Ph.D., 2001) is an assistant professor teaching in the history department at Brigham Young University.

Melissa Prickett (M.A., 2002) is an adjunct professor teaching at Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Patricia Richard (Ph.D.,2001) is currently teaching in the history department at Metropolitan State University.

Martin Quirk (Ph.D., 2005) recently defended his dissertation and is teaching history at Rock Valley Community College.

Daniel P. Schmit (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) is Vice President for Programs at the Bradley Foundation.

Ed Schmitt (M.A., Ph.D.) is an Assistant Professor at UW-Parkside.

Shannon Speese (M.A., 2001) is pursuing a law degree.

Heather Stur (M.A., 2003) is continuing her graduate studies in the doctoral program at the University of Wisconsin.

Jessica Shutz-Nguyen (Ph.D., 1999) is teaching history at Oklahoma City Community College.

Baskara Wardaya (Ph.D., 2001) is teaching at Jurusan Sejarah University in Indonesia. During the 2004-05 academic year, he was a Fulbright Fellow, conducting research and delivering lectures around the United States.

Edward Woell (Ph.D., 1997) is an assistant professor at Western Illinois University in Macomb. His book Small Town Martyrs and Murderers: Religious Revolution and Counterrevolution in Western France, 1793-1914 will be published by Marquette University Press this autumn.

Timothy Wood (Ph.D., 2002) is teaching history at Alice Lloyd College.

Roger Zeimet (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) has retired from his position as an Army historian and is now a professor at Troy State University in Georgia.

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