Graduate Student News

Grad studentsAt Marquette University, graduate students share a professional camaraderie as well as a strong emphasis on academic excellence. Each generation of graduate students introduces unique personalities and varied research interests. This diversity of specialty areas encourages a wider breadth of understanding in each graduate student's academic career at Marquette.

Grad studentsOverall, the program is marked by an emphasis on teaching experience, creative research, and collegiality among faculty and students. The Marquette history graduate program looks forward to the contributions of future generations of graduate students and takes great pride in the achievements of its current and past members.

Congratulations to Our Newest Doctorates:

Christopher MillerChristopher Miller

Daryl Webb (Dissertation Chair, Dr. James Marten)

Congratulations to our Newest Masters:

Sara Bailey (M.A.)

What's Next: Teaching, curriculum development or other educational program for high school students

Jennifer De Nicola (M.A.)

Kerry Devine (M.A.)

What's Next: stepping stone job to start paying off student loans

Mike EbelMike Ebel (M.A.)

What's Next: taking a year off, and then applying to Ph.D. programs in anticipation for resuming studies in the fall of 2008

Dominic Faraone (M.A.)

Gabriel Hill (M.A.)

What's Next: Ph.D. program at University of Minnesota

Jessica GileJessica Gile (M.A.)

What's Next: Applying to Medieval History Ph.D. programs in the fall

Jess McCulloughJess McCullough (M.A.)

What’s Next: Hopefully into the public history field near Lake Superior.

Dave Muse (M.A.)

Brian Ross (M.A.)

Amanda SchmiederAmanda Schmieder (M.A.)

What's Next: taking a few years off to get married and work, then pursue a B.A. in secondary education and be a high school history teacher

Graduate Student Who's Who

Kathy Callahan (ABD)

Chris Chan (Ph.D. program)

John French (M.A.)

Monica Storme Gallamore (Ph.D. program)

What’s Next: take my Doctoral Qualifying Exams in Spring of '08; then begin working full time on dissertation.

Timothy Lay (Ph.D. program)

Ann OstendorfAnn Ostendorf (ABD)

Wayne Riggs (ABD)

Kenneth Shonk (Ph.D. program)

Aaron StockhamAaron Stockham (ABD)

Monica Witkowski (Ph.D. program)

Susan FrostSusan Frost (M.A. program)

Charissa KeupCharissa Keup (M.A. program)

Kevin MondlKevin Mondl (M.A. program)

Kathryn Puls (M.A. program)

Kylene Tucker (M.A. program)

Clare WilsonClare Wilson (M.A. program)

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