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After spending last summer in Poland conducting forensic research on skeletal remains from ancient graveyards, Tara Cepon will graduate this spring and begin graduate studies in forensic archeology at the University of Oregon at Eugene next fall.

Congratulations to James Conway, who was selected as this yearís winner in the Junior/Senior category of the 10th annual Maria Dittman Research Paper Competition sponsored by the Raynor Memorial Library. His paper was entitled "A Legion of Heroes: the return of Milwaukeeís Union Veterans in the Gilded Age." According to the Chair of the Dittman Research Committee, "Jimís research process was outstanding, and impressed the entire committee with its detail and enthusiasm. In a very competitive field this year, his was clearly superior."

While studying in Paris last spring, Amanda DesLauriers was able to report back to her professors and friends about the massive French labor protests. She had the unique opportunity to witness and analyze this movement as it influenced workers, students and her host family.

During Spring break, Andrew Mark led a group of Marquette students to New Orleans to help clean debris and rebuild homes destroyed by hurricane Katrina. He will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant in May and has received his first assignment with the 101st Airborne stationed at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

Erin Milligan, a Phi Alpha Theta member, is spending spring semester in Cape Town with the Marquette service-learning program in South Africa.

Graduating senior, Shannon Oster has decided to pursue graduate studies in Public Administration at the University of Iowa next fall.

Alumni News

Tony Antao wrote that the last newsletter brought back warm memories of Fr. Prucha, Dr. Klement, Dr. Hachey and Dr. McCaffrey. He would like to get in touch with William Evans, whom he knew from English and Japanese classes at MU and Japanese.

Amanda Ault is excited to announce that she has passed the Illinois Bar exam, and now will be a licensed attorney in two states.

After testing life in the mortgage industry, Dylan Bain will return to Marquette in the fall to pursue his Masterís degree in Education.

Colleen Brown continues to pursue her law degree in at UW-Madison, but is still keeping her foot in the history door through an internship at the State Historical Society in Madison. She made the mock trial team and is hoping to earn a place next year on the moot court.

Anna Carello has completed her Masterís degree in Education and has been accepted into the Ph.D. program in International Education for Human Development at Boston University. She plans to concentrate her studies on Central Africa, working to create leadership and education training programs for former female child soldiers.

Michael DeFilippis has been working in Washington, D.C. since graduation. He was recently promoted to Legislative Assistant for Congressman Richard Pombo, and is in charge of handling issues related to education, government reform, health, immigration and a variety of others.

James Frey (1960), president of Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. in Milwaukee, received the Excellence in International Education award from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) at the AACRAO conference in San Diego in April 2006. Jim was the first recipient of this new award.

For the past two years, Abby Hoffman has been teaching at a middle school in Boston. She will complete her Master's Degree in Secondary Education at Boston University next fall.

Naval officer, Andrea Istre is not catching pirates in the Caribbean, but is assigned to drug interdiction duty. As she reported, "We've been having a "wonderful" time trying to catch drug runners... New trends are popping up every now and again, and it's very interesting to watch with a historian's eye the way things evolve, but frustrating to experience the learning curve of discovering the new trends and then trying to combat them before the traffickers change their methods again.

Thomas Madden (2004) graduated last May from Aurora University with a Masters of Arts in Teaching. He is currently seeking employment as a High School History teacher.

Mark McShane (2005) is living in Boston, working for Metropolitan Life, and planning to attend Boston College Law School in the fall. He remembers the History of China with fondness, but admits that "at this juncture [he has] completely finished, cover to cover, all of the readings" assigned for the course.

Matt Riley will graduate this spring from the University of California-Berkeley Law School. He has accepted a position with a leading law firm in Chicago beginning in the fall.

Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen (sorry about the misspelling last time!) is a professor of History at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Albert Stonitsch (1999) and his wife Keli are happy to announce the birth of their first child, Claire Elizabeth, who was born on Jan. 3, 2006. They now live in Rogers Park, on the far north side of Chicago. Albert is currently employed as the Assistant to the Public Works Director of the Village of Glenview, Illinois, and still very much an aficionado of history. He currently is reading Martin Luther King, Jr. on Leadership, by Donald T. Phillips. Next up: The Sword and the Shield by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, about the secret history of the KGB as told by a former Soviet agent.

Ann Wagner has been accepted into the doctoral program in History at UW-Milwaukee. She also was awarded a teaching assistantship for this year.

John Weinfurter (1972), a partner in the law firm of Kimmitt, Senter, Coates and Weinfurter, expressed his appreciation of the last newsletter.

Chris Zack reported that he "floated around for a couple years after graduation," before finding employment as a Contract Manager for Gateway, a substance abuse clinic in Chicago. Recently, he was hired as a Research Coordinator by the University of Illinois at Chicago, one of the largest University Medical Research facilities in the United States. Next fall, he will return to academia to earn his MBA.

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