James Marten
James Marten

Letter from the Chair

Welcome to the fifth edition of Timeline, the history department's annual newsletter! I’ll start with a few statistics: We are now a department of twenty-one tenure-line faculty, with one full-time visiting assistant and two regular part-time instructors.  This is the most tenure-line faculty we have had since I’ve been here (twenty-three years) and may be the most ever.  At the end of the school year the department boasted 229 undergraduate history majors; just under fifty graduated.  Eight students completed their master’s degrees, while eight also completed their PhDs (this must be a record for a single academic year!). 

For the first time since I became chair in 2004, we did not conduct a search for a new colleague.  We more than made up for it with a busy year of promotions, public lectures, and PhD completions, not to mention the development of new permanent classes on US/Latin American Relations, WWII Home Fronts, and Comparative Genocide.  The department offered its first on-line course in Summer 2008—Introduction to American  History, taught by Dave McDaniel—and developed three more on-line courses for Summer 2009: Western Civilization II (by Andrew Larsen), Latin American History (by Laura Matthew), and African History (by Chima Korieh). 

We have also made a number of changes to the content and the look on the history department website.  We’ve added information about a sampling of alumni, videos of students talking about their experiences at Marquette, and a page dedicated to prospective students.  Check it out at http://www.marquette.edu/history/.   

That’s enough from me—although the newsletter contains plenty of news from faculty and students alike, as well as announcements about important milestones and upcoming events.  As always, I encourage you to pass this along to other alums who may not be on our email list and to let us know how and what you’re doing.  Finally, thanks to John Krugler for compiling the information for this edition of the newsletter, to Joyce Hunkel for putting it on the website, and to our colleagues and students for submitting reports of their activities.   

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