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Dr. A. Kristen Foster

"I want to convey their responsibilities as Americans... "

Dr. A. Kristen Foster explains the roots of her interest in history and the relevance of studying the American Revolution. Prof. Foster teaches courses in the history of the early republic, American women, and social movements of the 1960s. She is the author of Moral Visions and Material Ambitions: Philadelphia Struggles to Define the Republic, 1776-1836 (2004).

Steven AvellaWatch and listen to Steven Avella comment on WISN TV on the elevation of Bishop Timothy Dolan to Cardinal, and on the election of Pope Francis.

Dr. Daniel Meissner

"It struck me to my core..."

Dr. Daniel Meissner details the moment he became a historian. Prof. Meissner teaches courses on modern China and on Asian-American relations. He is the author of Chinese Capitalists versus the American Flour Industry, 1900-1910: Profit and Patriotism in International Trade (2005).


Dr. Timothy McMahon

"It was something I needed to investigate more..."

Dr. Timothy McMahon explores the connections between his family’s history and his research into Ireland’s past. Dr. McMahon teaches courses on Ireland, modern Britain, and the British empire. He is the author of Grand Opportunity: The Gaelic Revival and Irish Society, 1893-1910 (2008).

Dr. Phillip Naylor

"History is kaleidoscopic..."

Dr. Phillip Naylor discusses the philosophers and historians who have influenced his teaching and research. Dr. Naylor teaches courses on the Middle East, the Byzantine empire, and rock ‘n roll. He is the author of North Africa: A Brief History from Antiquity to the Present (2005) and France and Algeria: A History of Decolonization and Transformation (2000).

Andrew KahrlWatch and listen to John Krugler talk about his newest book, Creating Old World Wisconsin, on Channel 10/36 (PBS) 

Peter StaudenmaierWatch and listen to Jim Marten deliver the Schell Lecture at the University of South Dakota and participate on a panel on Battlefield Trauma at Gettysburg College.

Peter StaudenmaierWatch and listen to Peter Staudenmaier deliver a paper on "Hannah Arendt and Antisemitism" at Yale University (his talk starts at about the thirty minute mark).


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