Comprehensive HOnors

Students earn comprehensive Honors by completing Core Honors plus either 1. At least one Disciplinary Honors Program or 2. An Honors Project comprising at least 6 credits of coursework (which may include laboratory research or thesis-writing for credit) in the student’s major department or college.  Students whose major departments or colleges offer Disciplinary Honors Programs are in most cases not eligible to propose Honors Projects, with rare exceptions for academic and/or professional reasons that must be approved by department chair, faculty mentor, and UHP Director.  Students intending to pursue Honors Projects must secure faculty mentors in their discipline and submit prospectuses for their Honors Projects to both their home departments and the UHP the semester before commencing work on their Projects. All prospectuses are subject to approval by both the home departments and the UHP Director in consultation.  All completed Honors Projects must be assessed and approved by both the home department (at minimum, faculty mentor, with approval by department chair) and the UHP Director.

Students must achieve a 3.200 cumulative grade point average to graduate with a Core Honors degree and therefore with a Comprehensive Honors Degree.  All Disciplinary Honors Programs require at least a 3.200 cumulative GPA at the time of entry, and at least a 3.200 major grade point average for graduation with Disciplinary Honors.  If a Core Honors student drops below a 3.200 in any semester during the sophomore or subsequent years, he or she will be placed on Core Honors academic probation until the cumulative 3.200 is reattained.  Students must earn a grade of C or better in a course in order for it to count toward the Core Honors and Cumulative Honors degree.

Study abroad:  Up to two courses taken in a Marquette-approved study-abroad program may be counted toward the Core Honors degree, at the discretion of the UHP Director.

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