How to apply to Marquette's university honors program

Ready to begin your University Honors Program Application?  Here’s what you’ll be asked to upload in the online application:

*Note:  if you are unable to upload letters of recommendation, the University Honors Program will also accept letters by email ( or by regular mail (University Honors Program, 001 Coughlin Hall, Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, 53201-1881).

We will also consider your ACT/SAT scores and your GPA, which will be provided to us by Marquette’s Office of Admissions.

Essay guidelines and tips:  The Application Review Committee is looking for essays that express your ideas coherently and logically and give us a sense of what kind of learner you are and what matters to you.  Be thoughtful and careful in your prose, and as genuine as you can – the essay should reflect what you care about, not what you think the Review Committee wants to hear.  Make sure to proofread your essay carefully before you upload it.

Tips for letters of recommendation: The most useful letters of recommendation come from your teachers in high school.  We especially value learning about your academic aptitude and achievement and your potential for future learning and for leadership. 

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