Honors Program Seminar Proposal Guidelines

The University Honors Program offers Honors students a series of four different seminars, one each academic year.  The Program offers several sections of each seminar annually.  We eagerly invite proposals for these seminars from faculty across departments and Colleges, and encourage interested faculty to call, email, or visit the Honors Program with questions or ideas for seminars.

A description of the seminars follows; after the description you will find guidelines for proposal submission.

HOPR 1953

HOPR 2953

HOPR 3953

HOPR 4953

**Faculty with an  interest in offering a senior Honors seminar in a field that requires students to have particular discipline-based skills, such as Engineering, Health Sciences, or Communication Studies, are encouraged to consult with Honors Program Director Amelia Zurcher; we may have a critical mass of Honors students in that discipline who would particularly welcome your course.  It is possible to add prerequisites to this seminar.

For seminars to be offered in academic year 2013-14, the deadline is October 15, 2012 (although we are happy to discuss proposals at any time of the year).

Send the proposal electronically to honorsprog@marquette.edu.  

Please provide the following information with your proposal:

1.  Name and title
2.  Department
3.  Phone
4.  Email address
5.  Proposed seminar title
6.  Proposed seminar description (no more than 250 words), including a brief
discussion of how your proposed seminar aligns with the seminar descriptions (above).
7.  Possible readings or resource material to be used
8.  Courses previously taught using the material and/or approaches in your proposed seminar
9.  Does this material appear as a portion of any of the courses you currently teach or that are regularly offered at Marquette?





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