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Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) make it easy for you to set aside a portion of your pretax salary and use it to pay for eligible health care expenses.

You may contribute $5,000 per calendar year per household for Dependent Child Care FSA Expenses and $2,600 per calendar year per employee for Health Care FSA or Limited Purpose Health Care FSA Expenses.

HSA annual contributions may not exceed $3,400 if you have single coverage or $6,750 if you have non-single coverage. Individuals age 55 and over may make an additional $1,000 catch up contribution. Married individuals may each make a catch up contribution, although the maximum amount that can be contributed to one HSA for the calendar year is $7,750 (the $6,750 statutory maximum plus a $1,000 catch up contribution). Please note there is a 6% excise tax on any individual contribution that exceeds the allowed annual maximum.

We have four accounts:

Health Care FSA (EPO Only)

Health Care for eligible out-of-pocket medical, prescription drug, vision, and dental expenses.

Dependent Child Care FSA Can be used for certified day care expenses incurred for the care of your child(ren).

Limited Purpose Health Care FSA (PPO & HDHP Only)

Can be used for eligible out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses only.
Health Savings Account (PPO & HDHP Only) Health Care for eligible out-of-pocket medical, prescription drug, vision, and dental expenses.






HSA eligible?




Regular HC FSA eligible?




Limited HC FSA eligible?




Dependent Care FSA eligible?




HRA incentive? (at open enrollment only)

YES: regular HC FSA contribution from MU

YES: HSA contribution from MU

YES: HSA contribution from MU

Other cash incentive?



YES: separate HSA contribution from MU just for enrolling in this plan



All full-time regular, full-time temporary employees with a one year appointment, and part-time regular employees working over 1,000 hours per calendar year.

FSA Enrollment

HSA Enrollment

FSA Summary Plan Description and Summary Annual Report

Do you want to know more specifics on our Flexible Spending Accounts? Click on the Summary Plan Description below.

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FSA Summary Plan Description PDF Icon

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Requesting A Second FSA / HSA Debit Card

Participants are able to request a secondary card. Initially, participants are provided one card however they have the availability to request a secondary card in the name of one of their dependents.

This process just recently changed when we transitioned to the new benefit card. Requesting a second card simply requires the Secondary Benefits Card Authorization Form be completed and returned to or by logging into your employee portal at There is no fee for the secondary card.

If you have any questions in regards to either of these account, please contact EBC at 1-800-346-2126.


FSA Store

Visit the Employee Benefits Corporation FSA store, where all products are FSA-eligible and can help participants decide on election amounts. In addition to thousands of healthcare products, the FSA Store offers educational tools to help consumers better understand what's covered by their FSA. The comprehensive Eligibility List lets participants search for products and services per plan type including FSA, HSA, HRA, Limited Health Care FSA, and Dependent Care FSA.

Simply download and distribute FSA Store's latest promotional flyer to help you save $10 on your orders. Employees just click the flyer to begin and use the coupon promo code EBCFALL during checkout!

Did you know?

With a letter of medical necessity from a provider stating weight loss is a medical necessity, Weight Watchers at Work classes are an eligible medical flexible spending account expense (food is not included). This could include weight loss needed to control diabetes, high blood pressure, and other weight-related medical issues.

Need more information?

Contact Employee Benefits Corporation, Marquette’s FSA & HSA administrator, at 1-800-346-2126


The detail of the Flexible Spending Account plan is contained in the official Plan document. This site is meant to only cover highlights of the Flexible Spending Account benefit. It does not contain all of the details that are included in the Summary Plan Description (SPD) (as described by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act). If there is ever a question about this plan, or if there is a conflict between the information on this site and the formal language of the Plan documents, the formal wording in the Plan documents will govern. Please note that the benefits described on this site may be changed at any time and do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of Marquette University.





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