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Sexual harassment has been a serious workplace issue for many years. On June 26, 1998, the United States Supreme Court handed down two landmark decisions and clarified the liability standards for sexual harassment. Together, these two decisions announced a standard for making employers liable for a supervisor's sexual harassment of a subordinate. The decisions also make employees responsible for reporting offensive behavior in accordance with their employer's policy.

At Marquette University, we believe that all people are valued in the eyes of God and are equally deserving of respect and compassion in the workplace. A harassment-free workplace fosters an environment in which all employees may contribute the best of their abilities to the university and its mission.

Marquette has an online training program, Preventing Sexual Harassment, and Policy to educate employees on the legal requirements pertaining to sexual harassment incidents in the workplace. Promoting an environment free from harassment is one way to demonstrate Marquette University's commitment to providing a respectful work environment. Preventing Sexual Harassment enables you to train yourself in a practical, convenient way.

As members of the Marquette community, we all share in the responsibility to create a harassment-free work environment. Preventing Sexual Harassment is a required program for all faculty and staff, and involves periodic and ongoing participation.




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