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Marquette University In The News is a weekly compilation of top media reports about Marquette University and members of the university community.

November 24, 2010


Marquette University's Speech and Hearing Clinic is using the Kindle and the iPad to help patients overcome neurological disabilities and strokes. The devices "avoid the stigma of disability and bring individuals into the mainstream by using current technology. It has a real uplifting psychological and emotional contribution to patients," said Marquette University speech-language pathologist Tina Puglisi-Creegan.

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nov. 23, 2010

Marquette University Law School announced Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig
has been named an adjunct faculty member and distinguished lecturer in sports policy.

Story appeared on, Nov. 24, 2010
Similar story also appeared in the Pierce County Herald (Ellsworth, Wis.), Nov. 23, 2010 Similar stories also aired on WISN-TV (ABC 12), WTMJ-TV (NBC 4) and WUWM-FM (89.7)

Linda Salchenberger, Keyes Dean of Marquette University College of Business Administration, says "as long as we have a sufficient number of American MBA graduates, U.S. employers are more likely to hire U.S. MBAs," making it difficult for international students who pursue MBAs at American universities to find jobs in the U.S. post-graduation.

Story appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Nov. 22, 2010

James Marten, chair and professor of history,
contributed to a panel discussion, "The Home Front," during a symposium, "The Civil War: Fresh Perspectives," hosted in part by the Foundation for National Archives.

Story appeared on C-SPAN3, Nov. 19, 2010

Marquette University Press
has published "All the Way to Heaven," a selection of letters from Dorothy Day to friends and associates. The editor, Robert Ellsberg, reflects on what he learned working on the book.

Story appeared in U.S. Catholic, November 2010

Steven Frieder, assistant to the president of Marquette University, discusses the royal wedding of Prince William and commoner Kate Middleton.

Story appeared on Slate, Nov. 16, 2010

Ed de St. Aubin, associate professor of psychology, says it has been scientifically proven money does not buy happiness and in times of economic struggle there is a psychological silver lining.

Story aired on WISN-TV (ABC 12), Nov. 22, 2010

John Cotton, professor of business management, comments on companies buying smaller firms such as Caterpillar of Peroria, Ill., announcing its intention to buy South Milwaukee's Bucyrus International.

Interview aired on WUWM-FM (89.7), Nov. 18, 2010

Alison Barnes, professor of law, discusses the increasing number of senior citizens affected by Wisconsin's law for legal guardianship.

Story aired on WISN-TV (ABC 12), Nov. 23, 2010

Marquette University voluntarily turned over a university computer to have its contents examined by the Milwaukee Police Department.

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nov. 19, 2010
Story also aired on multiple broadcast stations

Welcome is mixed for gays on Catholic campuses Catholic college campuses do a good job with gay ministry even if it's done under the radar. Georgetown has a program and space for gays and lesbians, whereas Marquette offered a lesbian a deanship and then took back the offer.

Story appeared in the National Catholic Reporter, Nov. 15, 2010