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July 30, 2014


Marquette students contribute to investigative series on the Great Lakes

Students from Marquette's Diederich College of Communication teamed with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter and O'Brien Fellow Dan Egan to produce a four-day investigative journalism series focusing on threats to the Great Lakes. "A Watershed Moment: Great Lakes at a Crossroads," seeks to inform readers about the enormous environmental destruction caused by invasive species entering the seven magnificent lakes and all inland waters from around the globe.

Part I appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 27, 2014
Part II appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 28, 2014
Part III appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 29, 2014
Part IV appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 30, 2014

Marquette Law School Poll finds governor's race still locked in dead heat

A Marquette Law School Poll released July 23 found the gubernatorial race presents few statistical changes between Republican Gov. Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Mary Burke since the last poll. The poll indicated that despite Gov. Walker's new campaign attacking Burke for outsourcing in her family business, the strategy does not yet appear to have moved many voters.

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 24, 2014

Associated Press story appeared on and, July 23, 2014

Story aired on WISN-TV (ABC 12), WTMJ-TV (NBC 4), WTMJ-AM (AM 620), WHBL-AM (AM 1330), WBAY-TV (ABC 2), WCLO-AM (AM 1230), WISC-TV (CBS 3), WKBT-TV (CBS 8), WDJT-TV (CBS 58), WITI-TV (FOX 6), WTAQ-AM (AM 1360), WLUK-TV (FOX 11), Wisconsin Public Radio and MSNBC-TV (national), July 23-29, 2014

Similar stories appeared on,,,, and dozens of other outlets nationwide, July 23-27, 2014

Marquette Native American Catholic archive likely largest of its kind

Marquette's Raynor Memorial Libraries is aiding in the preservation of Native American Catholic culture in liturgy and song. Sources for Catholic prayers and music in native languages exist in the library's special collections and archives, which are likely the largest of its kind, according to
Mark Thiel, archivist. The collection includes hymnals, Bibles, prayer books, pictorials and choir recordings in more than 30 languages.

Story appeared on, July 28, 2014

Janine Geske, distinguished professor of law,
noted that the three historic Wisconsin Supreme Court cases being decided on July 31 are a sign of a divided court. These cases affect union bargaining, election law and same-sex couples. Geske added that it's extremely rare to have this many high-profile cases being decided on the same day.

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 30, 2014

David Clark, professor of economics,
commented on the Milwaukee metro housing market's recent stabilization after a tough winter, saying he doesn't see a spike in rates coming soon. "The Fed doesn't seem to be indicating much of a push for significantly higher interest rates," Clark said.

Story appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 27, 2014

Karen Slattery, associate professor of journalism and media studies,
discussed the increase in this summer's reports of gun violence and its aftermath. "The problems can range from issues at the policy level that need to be changed, lack of jobs for people, children not having role models; so it's not any one problem, it's across the board," Slattery said.

Story aired on WUWM-FM (89.7), July 24, 2014

Julia Azari, assistant professor of political science, discussed her new book, Delivering the People's Message: The Changing Politics of the Presidential Mandate, in which she analyzes the influence and credibility of the presidential mandate.

Story aired on WUWM-FM (FM 89.7), July 24, 2014

Matthew Mitten, professor of law and director of the National Sports Law Institute,
explained how the Donald Sterling NBA case could legally play out in the coming months, including the possibility of an appeal.

Story aired on KPCC-FM (FM 89.3), July 29, 2014

Charles Franklin, professor of law,
commented on House Speaker John Boehner's proposed lawsuit against the President, saying it makes for "good politics" on both sides of the political aisle. "For Republican members of Congress, it's a way of showing they're taking action against President Obama," Franklin said. "For Democrats, it's an argument saying 'look at what these Republicans are doing. Democrats really need to turn out this fall.'"

Story aired on WKOW-TV (ABC 27) and WQOW-TV (ABC 18), July 29-30, 2014

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