Step 1
Individuals or teams (faculty, staff and students are all eligible) develop innovative ideas that support one or more themes of Beyond Boundaries, the university’s strategic plan.

Step 2
Short pre-proposals are submitted to the new University Innovation Council for review; the Innovation Council will review and provide feedback. Pre-proposals are required for participation in this year’s competition. There will be no selection of proposals to continue to the final submission – any pre-proposal that is submitted will be eligible to continue to step 3.

Download the 2016 pre-proposal form.

Step 3
Applicants revise and refine proposals, as appropriate. Small requests (less than $5,000) will continue to use short application format; major requests will require more detail. The Innovation Council and University Financial Planning will review and provide feedback to University leadership.

Further review will include the University Leadership Council; the president and provost will give the final review. The president will announce the awards.

Download the 2016 final proposal forms.

Step 4
Final budgets and milestones will be established. Annual reports will be reviewed by the University Innovation Council and posted on the Marquette Innovation website.


November 21, 2016 - Two-page preposals due by 11:59pm
Late January 2016 – Feedback returned
March 1, 2017 - Final proposals due by 11:59pm
March and April 2017 - Review of final proposals
May 2017 - Awards announced
May and June 2017 - Budgets and milestones finalized
July 1, 2017 - Awards begin