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What is SUSTAIN: Excellence? | What services and activities make up SUSTAIN: Excellence? | Why should I join?
Can I participate in SUSTAIN: Excellence? | How do I sign up? | Questions? |

sus • tain (sə-stān)

  1. To keep in existence
  2. provide for or give support to
  3. To affirm the validity of
  4. Supporting Unity & Success To Achieve In Numbers (Program by OSD-Intercultural Engagement)

What is SUSTAIN: Excellence

Developed by the Office of Student Development- Intercultural Engagement, SUSTAIN: Excellence (Supporting Unity & Success To Achieve In Numbers) is an umbrella program that promotes the social, intercultural, and leadership development of students in the following communities:

Through mentoring, educational workshops and other activities, SUSTAIN: Excellence goals are to:

What services and activities make up SUSTAIN: Excellence?

Why should I join?

Research shows that college students who participate in programs like SUSTAIN: Excellence do better academically and socially, and benefit from personalized services that support their first year transition to college. Students become strongly connected to campus and get better acclimated when they have a structured approach to build meaningful connections with peers who have similar identities and experiences. Initiatives like SUSTAIN: Excellence also offer opportunities for enhanced personal and intercultural development necessary for other leadership and employment roles on campus. This program also supports success and achievement as participants pursue graduation.

Can I participate in SUSTAIN: Excellence?

Any incoming Marquette student who identify as a member in one or more of the following communities is eligible to participate in the SUSTAIN: Excellence program:

How do I sign up?

If you will be a first year student and interested in being a Protégé, please contact

If you will be sophomore, junior or senior and interested in serving as a Mentor or helping with SUSTAIN: Excellence, please contact


If you have questions about the SUSTAIN: Excellence program, please contact

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