The INIA Capstone Seminar (ARSC INIA 4995) is a required course and offered every spring semester for INIA majors and minors who will graduate before it is offered again.

The capstone seminar offers INIA students the opportunity to integrate their background, core, and concentration studies of economics, political science and history as well as other disciplines in exploring a prominent issue of international affairs. Course topics are selected by the instructor and the course format combines extensive reading, discussion and student presentations.

Past themes for the INIA Senior Capstone Seminars:

2016: Security and Human Rights
2015: Declining Hegemon?
2014: Combating Human Trafficking
2013: Combating Human Trafficking
2012: Combating Human Trafficking
2011: Immigration Policy
2010: U.S. Immigration Reform
2009: International Development
2008: The Political Economy of Human Trafficking
2007: The Political Economy of Human Trafficking
2006: Human Rights
2005: Intervention and the Use of Force in International Relations
2004: Occupation, Democratization and Resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan
2003: America and the Middle East
2002: The War against Terrorism
2001: Costs and Benefits of Globalization
2000: Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
1999: Globalization and State Sovereignty
1997: Information Age and International Affairs
1996: The World Economy


Interdisciplinary Major in
International Affairs

If you have questions or are interested in declaring an Interdisciplinary Major in International Affairs, please contact Dr. Barrett McCormick at (414) 288-3421 or by emailing