Understanding competency status settings

When you create a competency, each status setting you can select contains different restrictions on what can be done with the competency once it is created.

The competency Draft In Review Approved Archived Not Ready
is visible to course participants? No No Yes No No
can be completed? No No Yes No No
description can be changed? Yes Yes No No Yes
visibility can be changed? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
allows you to add parent-child associations to it? Yes Yes No No Yes
allows you to remove parent-child associations from it? Yes Yes No No Yes

allows you to edit associated learning objectives' descriptions?

Yes Yes No No Yes
allows you to associate activities with learning objectives within its structure? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
status can be changed? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Implementing workflows

Status settings and role permissions allow you to use restrictions associated with each status setting to implement a workflow and revision control process for creating, reviewing, approving, and archiving competencies. Status settings can prevent competency structure modifications while users are working to achieve them, and restrict users from seeing competencies as they are being created and modified.

If different user roles are set up with permissions to see different competency status settings, you can also use the status settings option to direct competencies to the appropriate users.

For example, if specific users only have permission to see In Review competencies, on the Competency Home page they can only see:

Note  If competencies are created within a course offering, user enrollment and course start and end dates might prevent users from accessing competencies before they are achieved.

Disabled status settings

If the Competencies status settings option is disabled by your system administrator, existing competencies that had a Draft, In Review, or Archived status will appear with a Not Ready status.

"Not Ready" competencies

"Not Ready" competencies are hidden from course participants. They cannot be completed or evaluated even if users attempt associated learning objectives and activities. You can clear a "Not Ready" status by going to the competency's Edit Competency page and clicking Save. The first time a "Not Ready" competency is saved, the Not Ready icon is cleared (it is equivalent to creating an Approved competency status).

Note  You cannot revert an approved competency back to "Not Ready" status.


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